Aqui Agora is a come-together of people with ‘beautiful minds’. A set of people not bound by race, tribe, creed, faith, religion or societal strata.

A unique set of people, creative and innovative enough to fuse their individual special skills, abilities, experience and entrepreneurial acumen into a forum that does not just cry about societal ills. Rather, takes the bold steps of being the change we collectively desire to see in ourselves, families, work places, societies, social groups, countries, continent and the world at large.


Team Aqui Agora takes pride in being ‘transition people’. A special breed of people who see and do things positively different and can likewise effect positive change for our societies and indeed the world. This is our contribution to fostering peace, unity and tranquility all over the world.


To harness individual varied innate abilities and showcase its inherent creativity and innovation for mutual and societal benefits.


  • Abuja Open Air Instrumental Concert – Millennium Park, Abuja
  • Abuja Abstract Photography Exhibition.
  • Kids’ Holiday Camp (Photography, Painting, Music Classes)
  • Abuja Carnival 2015 – Aqui Agora Stand.
  • Abuja Flying Club Exhibition (RC Aircraft and Quadcopters).